AASLH Annual Meeting – How can my small museum benefit?

by Brenda Granger on

Good question!

As a former director of a small museum and as an active member of AASLH’s Small Museums Committee, I know that professional development helps us become aware of innovative ideas,  approaches and solutions.

Many of you working in small museums may not have the staff or funds to attend this meeting in person, but don’t worry. We’re here to help!

I plan to attend a variety of sessions at AASLH’s Annual Meeting next week in Salt Lake City. Through my daily blogs on the AASLH 2012 Conference Blog, I’ll share any new and exciting ideas as I hear them.

I hope these blogs will help you brainstorm and pursue new directions for your small museum.

Stay tuned!

Brenda Granger is the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Museums Association.

One Response to “AASLH Annual Meeting – How can my small museum benefit?”

  1. September 24, 2012 at 11:04 am, Bob Beatty said:

    Thanks Brenda. One of the reasons that we have started the blog is exactly that, to provide a means for folks who cannot attend in person to participate in the meeting.

    But wait, there’s more (!

    For those who want to get involved real-time, consider attending the Online Conference. Details are here

    Either way, as Brenda said, professional development is very important to our field and we hope that you are finding a way to engage yourself in learning and peer networks.

    Bob Beatty


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