AASLH Annual Meeting Session Recordings Now Available on iTunes and Soundcloud

Did you know that session and speaker recordings from past Annual Meetings back to 2007 are available on both iTunes and Soundcloud? Check out presentations from history professionals on how to engage audiences, interpret controversial history and artifacts, and many other relevant topics, all in a convenient podcast format perfect for your commute or morning jog!

Here are just a few of the interesting and helpful recordings you can access:

2015 “New Strategies for Inclusive Commemoration”
Commemorations are a significant feature of public programming, but can become mired in tradition, politics, and memory. Together we explore new strategies for inclusive, innovative programs through case studies of 250-, 150-, and 50-year commemorations and discuss how to commemorate what’s happening today.

2015 “Visitors Talk Back: What Audiences Tell Museums”
History museums increasingly embrace the possibilities of incorporating visitor feedback and user-generation information into exhibition presentations as a part of the interpretation. Museums that are using talk-back cards and dialogue in exhibits also make a commitment to systematically preserve and analyze the responses to better understand visitor experiences.

2014 “To Use or Not to Use, or Keep? Ethical Issues in Collections”
This session looks beyond traditional policies on using artifacts in historic sites, looks specifically at deaccessioning, and argues for more flexibility with collections. Includes discussion of ethical problems in three real-life case studies.

2013 “Escaping ‘Great Man’ History on a Budget: DIY Gallery Renovations”
How can you update decades-old interpretation to create a more inclusive and engaging narrative in a gallery where American Indians are discussed only as anonymous creators of archaeological objects, and African American and women’s stories are physically segregated? This session offers opportunities for discussion from curatorial, design, and museum-education perspectives.

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