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  • A fellow archivist disclosed that the most rational approach to archiving is to never treat it like a single-headed beast. You will never cut off the head in one swift motion, but you can take calculated jabs. Establishing an archive is overwhelming and in my two years with the Sazerac Company Archive (SCA), it has […]

  • “Making good is merely a matter of exerting sufficient energy.” I often return to this 1924 quote by Carhartt company founder Hamilton Carhartt in my day-to-day work. With 127 years of company history to preserve and provide access to, I’ve surely exerted my fair share of energy over the roughly two and half years I’ve […]

  • Thank you to all those that attended our Corporate History tour, session, and luncheon.  It turned out to be a great crowd! With the Annual Meeting being held in Detroit, of course cars had to be a big focus.  We began with a tour of the newly renovated Benson Ford Research Center at The Henry […]

  • Mark your calendars!  This year’s Annual Conference will feature a tour, luncheon, happy hour, and session devoted to corporate history. Wednesday, Sept. 14 Join us at 1:30pm for a tour exploring Ford’s corporate history. On this tour, we will visit the brand new Ford Motor Company Archives and the Benson Ford Research Center. Thursday, Sept. […]

  • For many corporate museums and archives, it is tough to change the historic narrative of the company. Marketing is involved, as well as long-held traditions and myths. The Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, TN, has decided to add a new element to the story of the founding of their legendary whiskey company and their efforts […]

  • Deere & Company is fortunate to have a robust art collection. Though the company has owned some art for most of its history, William Hewitt, President and CEO, purchased the bulk of the collection between 1955 and 1982. Hewitt had two purposes for collecting art. In 1964, the company built a new headquarters building that […]

  • There are a few old terms about postal operations that have particularly captivating turns of phrase. “Star Routes” often raises lots of curious looks and questions. The transportation contractors that this term refers to cover some of the most challenging terrains and climates in the US and help make the US Postal Service’s extensive logistics […]

  • Digital Transitions at John Deere

    November 23rd, 2015

    Digital records, digital access, digital preservation. It’s complicated and hard to do, but accessibility is incredibly rewarding. But it’s also important to remember that not everyone is ready for it. At John Deere, our efforts to share our company’s history include brick and mortar attractions such as the John Deere Historic Site, John Deere Tractor […]

  • I was thrilled to attend the opening of American Enterprise, the new business exhibit that opened at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History on July 1. The exhibit is fantastic, and I’m excited that John Deere is a program sponsor. The opportunity to collaborate with the most-visited history museum in the world is not […]

  • This year’s conference was a lot of fun, and we had a very strong turnout at the corporate history tour, luncheon, and session. Kentucky is known for its bourbon and brandy, so we couldn’t pass up a tour of the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and Copper and Kings American Brandy Company! At the Evan Williams […]