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  • Ice Bucket Envy

    By now, everyone on the planet has seen the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Celebrities, politicians, our Facebook friends, and even Muppets are having

  • Just What Does General Mills and Wells Fargo Keep Anyway?

    You can find out on the Corporate History Tour at the 2014 AASLH Annual Meeting. Corporate History Tour Wednesday, September 17 1–5 pm Cost: $45

  • Battledecks: A Challenge is Issued!

    Do you find Power Points boring? Did the presenter put green text on an orange background? Too many photo dissolves? Are you looking for something

  • Out With the Old Historic House, In With the New

    We’ve all been reading about fresh and innovative ways historic house museum have met sustainability challenges, and stay relevant and valuable

  • Invite Congress to Your #History Museum

    We have the numbers from IMLS – over half of the active museums in America classify themselves as history organizations. Museums, historical

  • Beyond Comment Cards

    During the past year or so, I assisted the Bullock Texas State History Museum staff with a multi-phase evaluation of a portion of the

  • Calling all Food and Brewery Experts for St. Paul

    When you travel, do you relish diving into local eateries and cuisine of the local? There are two tours at 2014 AASLH Annual Meeting that are perfect

  • Women’s History Affinity Community Planned

    Are you interested in women’s history and how you can better interpret it?  When women’s stories are confined to kitchens or needlework

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