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  • AASLH Mourns the Passing of Dr. Michael G. Kammen

    AASLH is sad to hear of the death of Michael G. Kammen, renowned historian and husband of Carol Kammen, a prolific historian in her own right. He is

  • iPad Interviews at Monticello

    During this past year, Monticello undertook a three-stage visitor evaluation to better understand visitor engagement during house tours. One stage

  • Tennessee Museums Earn StEPs Certificates

    On November 19, I was pleased to present several of our local StEPs participants with Bronze and Silver certificates at a special celebration in

  • 6 Website Resources on Succession Planning

    Planning for the future is essential for history organizations. Have an executive succession plan in place that is researched and update will aide in

  • The New-York Historical Society’s “Talk to Us” Phone Booth

    In the fall of 2005, the New-York Historical Society opened the exhibition Slavery in New York. The exhibition was extremely popular, partly because

  • Why Hire an Interim CEO

    Generally speaking, CEO positions are vacant for one or more of the following reasons: CEO with long tenure (10 years and over) dies, retires, or

  • Who Does “It”?

    Directors do it. Educators do it too. So do curators and marketing folks. What is “it” you ask? “It” is pondering and questioning what

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