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  • Did you ever have to write the typical “What I Did on Summer Vacation” essay on the first day of school? It seems like it was a rite of passage to talk about vacations, camps, and exciting days as you started back to school. Since we are at the beginning of summer, I wondered about […]

  • Over the weekend, I was having a conversation with my husband, who works for a regional financial institution. He told me that his company recently hired a Chief Storyteller. Their job is to travel throughout their region to gather stories from fellow employees and clients about how they used the bank to achieve financial confidence. […]

  • One of the founding objectives of the Women’s History Affinity Group at AASLH is to “[foster] mentoring, professional development, and strongly encourage young women to strive for leadership positions within their professional organizations. The “Women Who Mentor” blog series asks successful women from across the field to share their experiences and advice with women, as […]

  • We are proud to announce the slate of candidates for four open spots on the AASLH Council and two spots on our Leadership Nominating Committee.  The Council sets policy and provides leadership for the Association, is responsible for strategic planning, and represents AASLH members and the field at large. The Leadership Nominating Committee works with […]

  • We all know most non-profits run on volunteers.  Working at a small historical society, this is especially true. When I first started my job in Spring of 2015, I was faced with a rather small volunteer force. I wasn’t sure how to go about initiating change and growing the volunteer base, so I made it […]

  • Exciting changes are happening at the 800+ organizations taking part in the StEPs program (Standards and Excellence Program for History Organizations). Our “StEPs Spotlight” series highlights accomplishments by the participating organizations.  Join us each month to read how StEPs is helping these organizations take a leap forward by improving policies and practices, opening lines of […]

  • Mentors, Learners, Power

    February 1st, 2017

    This article was originally published in November 2016 on the blog of Developing History Leaders @SHA, a three-week historic administration seminar AASLH puts on every year along with several partners. It was written during the seminar. History workers speak about the power of impact.  A researcher’s archival discovery connects an African-American neighborhood with the hidden […]

  • Mistakes Were Made

    January 26th, 2017

    Note from blog editors: Sean Kelley and a panel presented a session at the 2016 AASLH Annual Meeting about the lies we tell at historic sites. It was one in a series of sessions about confronting uncomfortable topics. Below is an essay from Sean about another session that we as educators could learn from. During […]

  • On January 24, AASLH held our fourth #AASLHchat on Twitter. These monthly discussions are shaping up to be a great way for AASLH’ers to crowdsource new ideas and fresh solutions to challenges facing history organizations. In September, in the midst of Pokémon Go and Hamilton buzz, we held our first chat on “Incorporating Pop Culture Phenomena […]

  • For the past four years, History Relevance has been creating united voice in the history field. Our ultimate goal is that people will value history for its relevance to modern life and use historical thinking skills to actively engage with and address contemporary issues. I am one of the volunteers from many organizations that help […]