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  • The AASLH Online Conference is a yearly component of our Annual Meeting where six of our most popular sessions are reworked for a virtual audience and broadcast from the conference to registered viewers across the nation. OLC sessions are exclusively available to registrants for six months after the conference and then become available for purchase […]

  • The Problem:  Cultural institutions often lack the ability to develop comprehensive emergency preparedness and response measures, which has put many of the country’s most prized artifacts in danger of being lost or destroyed in disasters. Heritage Preservation’s Heritage Health Index (HHI) highlighted this issue in a survey taken by over 30,000 institutions across America. The […]

  • It’s called StEPs (Standards and Excellence Program for History Organizations) and it is AASLH’s entry level assessment program for small- to mid-sized history organizations. Introduced to the field in late 2009 after an IMLS grant funded its development, there are now almost 1,000  organizations across the country using StEPs as a structure for identifying needed […]

  • Field Services Alliance Asks You!

    September 8th, 2017

    The Field Services Alliance (FSA) is an organized group of individuals, offices, and agencies that provide training opportunities, guidance, technical services, and other forms of assistance to local historical societies, archives, libraries, and museums in their respective states or regions. To better serve the history community, we want to learn a little more about you! Are you […]

  • There are 46 state museum associations throughout the United States. Like field services staff, these associations work to provide assistance and service to museums and museum staff in their state. Some of the state associations have staff and large numbers of members (the largest has over 2,000 members), while others are much smaller, serving as few as 35 […]

  • The John and Annie Glenn Museum in New Concord, Ohio has on exhibit one of John Glenn’s Marine Corps uniforms.  Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth (1962) and a U.S senator from Ohio (1974-1999), was a Marine from 1943 until he retired from the Corps in 1965 and is a combat veteran of […]

  • This post was originally published on Backstage Pass to North Dakota History and is reposted here with the author’s permission. I am often called upon with strange and unusual questions. How do I make a mannequin look less scary? What is the white powder covering the taxidermied elk? How do I get a raccoon out from […]

  • The Field Services Alliance (FSA) is made up of an eclectic group of professionals with wide-ranging backgrounds from all over the country who provide services (training, guidance, funding, and/or other assistance) to historical societies and museums in their states or regions. The AASLH Annual Meeting is an opportunity for us to catch up, share what […]

  • Does fundraising leave you at a loss? Have you read fundraising guides and wondered how to translate them into something usable for your small organization? Are you looking for information you can actually use, not theories that aren’t practical for your situation? You’re not alone. In field services, we hear these concerns from organization leaders […]

  • Before there was an American Association for State and Local History, many historians – trained and avocational–put a lot of thought into how to get the best product. One example of such thought is from Henry Bourne, “The Work of American Historical Societies,” published in The Iowa Journal of History and Politics (April 1905).[1] His […]