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  • Onward To New Challenges

    May 1st, 2018

    On my final day at AASLH, I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone I have come in contact with over the last twelve years and to those I’ve not met but whose impact and work I have observed from a distance. As the backbone of the public history endeavor, your dedication as paid and […]

  • Every May 1, public historians and heritage professionals focus on the important work of emergency planning and preparedness. Historic resources and sites are valuable and irreplaceable treasures, so it’s essential to have plans and strategies in place for dealing with events that could threaten their well-being such as flooding, fire, and earthquakes. MayDay participants take […]

  • We congratulate these members who earned StEPs certificates in the last month! The Standards and Excellence Program for History Organizations is AASLH’s self-study standards program designed specifically for small to mid-sized history organizations, including volunteer-run institutions. Through a workbook, online resources, and an online community, organizations enrolled in StEPs assess their policies and practices and benchmark themselves against […]

  • A fellow archivist disclosed that the most rational approach to archiving is to never treat it like a single-headed beast. You will never cut off the head in one swift motion, but you can take calculated jabs. Establishing an archive is overwhelming and in my two years with the Sazerac Company Archive (SCA), it has […]

  • This review originally appeared in the Spring 2017 issue of History News. A Practical Guide to Museum Ethics By Sally Yerkovich (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2016) At first glance, A Practical Guide to Museum Ethics may seem like a book that would sit on your shelf to be consulted only occasionally. However, it is […]

  • As we are nearing the end of 2017, members of the AASLH staff thought we would share some of the books that inspired us this year. We chose titles that would be of particular interest to those who work or volunteer in history organizations. (Note: They were not necessarily published in 2017, we just read […]

  • If you work at a small museum, you know that many organizations rely heavily on volunteers. These gracious people may help install exhibits or come in early for programs to set up chairs. Whatever they do for the organization, we all know that we are lucky to have their help! But one group has stood […]

  • “Here’s a chance for that historian to do something…. what’s her name?” — James T. Kirk, “Space Seed,” Star Trek This is how the conversation usually goes when I meet someone outside of the historical community for the first time: “What do you do for work?” I tell them that I am the Senior Historian […]

  • Since the allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein surfaced, the topic has dominated the news cycles with more and more famous persons and political leaders answering to accusations of misconduct in relation to colleagues, acquaintances, and clients. Unfortunately, sexual harassment and assault is not limited to the world of entertainment […]

  • One of the founding objectives of the Women’s History Affinity Group at AASLH is to “[foster] mentoring, professional development, and strongly encourage young women to strive for leadership positions within their professional organizations. The “Women Who Mentor” blog series asks successful women from across the field to share their experiences and advice with women, as […]