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  • Accidents Will Happen…

    A young girl on a field trip runs into a pole at full speed!  She is so hysterical that you can’t even get a good look at the injury.  Her

  • Staying on a Teacher’s Radar

    A recent blog post by Max van Balgooy about a study that examined why teachers visit or don’t visit historic sites confirmed something we know to

  • Smell: A Catalyst for Conversation

    Good, bad, and ugly, all of us have strong memories tied to smell (sadly, the first thought that comes to my mind is my dog after he got skunked!). 

  • School’s Almost Out!

    We can’t say thank you enough to volunteers who so diligently staff school programs throughout the year.  Without their help, many institutions

  • The Art of Management: Or an Ode to

    “Occupation?” It seems like a simple question. After all, it’s on so many forms we complete on a regular basis. And yet, I struggle every time

  • Exactly What You Bargained For: Contracting Presenters

    So, you’ve planned the perfect program, found an enthusiastic audience and now you’re looking for just the right presenter.  The big day arrives

  • Thoughts on Developing Stellar Volunteer Programs

    I’ve had the great privilege of working with some fantastic paid and unpaid staff members in my career. Before coming to Monticello, I worked with

  • Online History Resources: A World of Ideas!

    As someone who has been a museum professional for the better part of 15 years, I periodically wonder how we ever made a move before the Internet. 

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