Educational Resources Submissions

Help grow the StEPs Clearinghouse.

The StEPs clearinghouse is an answer to the call for an online directory to help history organizations find resources, products, services, professional education, and other tools to improve work and ability to meet national standards.

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If your organization, association, or institution has published technical research or advice on best practices and policies for the field, you can submit them to the AASLH StEPs clearinghouse for review. Ifaccepted, AASLH will create a resource page on our website for the resource.

Types of resources

  • Technical leaflets, bulletins, or reports
  • Studies and White Papers from the field
  • Video tutorials, webcasts, podcasts, or audio
  • Websites with educational information, directories, links

Possible Subject Matter:

  • Collection care and management
  • Preservation and conservation
  • Funding and financial management
  • Sample policies, forms, and documents
  • Education and Interpretation
  • Sustainability
  • Best practices and standards for the field

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How to submit:

In the body of an email, send the following information to

  1. Organizational Name and Contact Address
  2. Title of Resource
  3. Specifications (freed pdf download, video, webinar, book, author, date of resource)
  4. Description (minimum 100 words)
  5. URL to the resource (website address, pdf link, youtube video, etc.)

SUBJECT LINE: Educational Resource – Your Name

All submissions will be reviewed for eligibility.