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  • Musings From the Dungeon

    As I sit here in my office enveloped in the manufactured warmth from an unreliable space heater, the temperature outside is 12º F (wind chill =

  • Historic House Call: Creating Engaging and Memorable Tours

    Historic House Call: Creating Engaging and Memorable Tours Webinar January 30 @ 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm EST Register for the webinar here. Contribute

  • Gearing Up for Steamy Collaborations

    Collaborations have long been touted as an excellent avenue for small historic sites and museums to better leverage limited staff and resources to

  • Volunteers Are Human, Too

    We all have them: dedicated, enthusiastic do-gooders who will do anything—ANYTHING!—for your historic site. These people will mend curtains, do

  • Bring Out Your Dead

    With the coming of the New Year I have been reflecting a lot on…death…that’s right – death. In historic houses we will relate WHEN and

  • STEM, You Say?

    “Bah,” you are thinking. “Do I really need to integrate science and MATH into our education offerings? This is not what I signed up for….”

  • A Plague of Beetles on Your Historic House!

    Well, the carpet-bagging, snowbirds arrived to the South more than a month early this year.  No, I’m not talking about the golf-loving

  • Sealing Historic House Windows

    One of the members of the historic house list serv posted the following question recently. She wrote “I work at an historic home from the 1920s.

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