Meet a Member: Ethan Morris

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Ethan Morris: Student Member of AASLH since May 2015

Alma maters:

I received my bachelor’s in History and Social Studies Education from Western Kentucky University. I am currently working toward a master’s in Public History at Middle Tennessee State University.

2015 11 Ethan MorrisFields of interest: 

Fundraising and the historical development of public service within museums.


How did you become involved in the field of history?

My father is a social studies teacher, and I went to college to be a social studies teacher as well. In the summers between semesters, I wanted my work experience to relate to what I learned in college, and I applied for and received an internship at a local history museum. I enjoyed the work, meeting the staff, and conversing with the visitors and decided to attend a museum studies graduate program.


Why does history matter to you?

I consider history a collection of experiences, and most everyone remembers several life experiences. History, then, becomes the foundation for meaningful conversation with anyone anywhere.


How has your AASLH membership been of value to you and your practice of history?

I am a graduate student and still learning my way around the field of public history. I benefit from any advice seasoned professionals are willing to offer me. In this regard, the sessions at AASLH Annual Meetings are extremely helpful. Session leaders provide tips and step-by-step instructions on a variety of subjects, some of which I do not get exposure to in graduate school. At this year’s conference, I attended many of the Educators and Interpreters Affinity Group meetings and look forward to attending the group’s sessions next year in Detroit.


What are you working on right now?

I am writing grants to fund an upcoming exhibit project at a nearby Tennessee state park, and I am busily preparing to go to Newcastle, England in the spring semester to gain an international perspective on cultural resource management.


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  1. March 30, 2016 at 2:13 pm, Introducing the Emerging History Professionals Committee | AASLH Blogs said:

    […] Ethan Morris is a graduate student in museum studies at Middle Tennessee State University. His bachelor’s is in Social Studies Education and he worked in the Louisville, Kentucky area as a high school teacher, an interpreter at the Frazier History Museum, the education coordinator at Farmington Historic Plantation, and a tour guide at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. In graduate school, Ethan wrote lesson plans for Teaching with Primary Sources-MTSU, a program sponsored by MTSU’s Center for Historic Preservation and the Library of Congress. He also organized public programs at the Bradley Academy Museum and Cultural Center and, with several classmates, won the 2015 Southeastern Museums Conference Spotlight in Student Research Award for a series of programs and an exhibit on local educational history. Ethan is currently finishing his master’s on exchange at Northumbria University in Newcastle, England where he works on public programs for the National Trust. […]


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