Member Announcments Submission

Who: AASLH Institutional Members

What: Releases, Announcements, and other information pertaining to your organizations, museum or site.


  • Share creative public programming and exhibition news
  • Won an Award (AASLH Awards are not announced here)
  • Received a significant donation to the collection
  • Have a grand opening of a new space or site
  • Completed a major capital campaign (conservation, renovation, etc.)
  • Appointed a new position
  • Want to share the curatorial or development process for a significant new exhibition or program
  • Site just completed new research and has new historical findings


  • Companies and Vendors.

Rule of Thumb: This blog is for Institutional Members to keep their peers in other organizations and in the field updated on their work.

Browse the blog for examples

How to submit:

In the body of an email, send the following information to

  1. Institutional Name and Address
  2. AASLH Institutional Membership Number
  3. Title (15 words maximum)
  4. Text (1000 word maximum)
  5. Website link

ATTACH to the email one image (maximum 5)

*One Image Required

SUBJECT LINE: Member Announcement – Your Institution’s Name