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  • Making the Most of Collections Queries

    One of the newer (and upward trending) tasks I’ve acquired is the use of collections through social media. Queries are ranging from weather,

  • I Remember When – Part 8

    Outwitting a Computer It’s important to remember that a computer, despite all its power, speed and capability, is really a dumb plastic and/or

  • Preparing for Nomenclature 4.0 in PastPerfect

    With the upcoming release of Nomenclature 4.0 for Museum Cataloging, there is no better time to finish any old lexicon clean-up projects in your

  • I Remember When – Part 7

    Production Line Cataloging I recall the experience of working with the volunteer staff of a shire (county) museum in Western Australia back around

  • When is a Coin, Not Really a Coin?

    When is a coin not really a coin? That’s not a trick question by any means. For a military college, there is a very distinct difference. In our

  • The Problem with Cans and Tins

    Cans and tins can be challenging to classify. At times the terms are used interchangeably depending upon the context, the contents of the container,

  • Is it a Drum? Or a Drum? Homonyms in Nomenclature 3.0

    Homonyms are words that share the same spelling but have different meanings.   For example, a “drum” can be a percussive musical

  • For the Record: Nomenclature…Moving 4-ward

      The new year provides those of us on the Nomenclature Task Force the perfect opportunity to report on the past and give everyone a glimpse

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