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  • Defining Sacred Place

    Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what distinguishes a place that is sacred from a place merely associated with religion or religious history?

  • Pilgrims on a Journey

    A few months ago while traveling across upstate New York, I stumbled upon the Hiram Edson Farm in Clifton Springs, New York. As a lover of

  • Unique Community Experiences at Religious Sites

    Shortly after arriving in Kirtland in November of 2002, I attended a Thanksgiving worship service in the lower court of the Kirtland Temple. As my

  • Faith and Religion During the Civil War

    Drew Gilpin Faust’s book, This Republic of Suffering, explores the changing views of death during the Civil War. One chapter titled “Believing

  • What Do Bibles Tell Us About Vermonters?

    We now have nine Bibles and a New Testament on display on the second floor of the Vermont History Center, ranging in date from 1698 to 1862 and in

  • Hindu Temples in the United States

    Hindu temples have marked sacred spaces for millennia in India. However, recent research documents over 200 of these structures within the United

  • Adaptive Reuse of Religious Buildings

    As congregations around the country shrink, disband, or move into more modern facilities, hundreds of church buildings are left vacant. These

  • Tracing the Course of Local Baptist History Using Association Minutes

    The American Baptist Historical Society (ABHS), established in 1853, is the oldest Baptist historical society in the United States and holds the

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