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  • The Many Roles of a Historic Cemetery

    Earlier this month I wrote about the challenges associated with defining sacred place. While one person may emotionally perceive a religious

  • Defining Sacred Place

    Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what distinguishes a place that is sacred from a place merely associated with religion or religious history?

  • Pilgrims on a Journey

    A few months ago while traveling across upstate New York, I stumbled upon the Hiram Edson Farm in Clifton Springs, New York. As a lover of

  • Unique Community Experiences at Religious Sites

    Shortly after arriving in Kirtland in November of 2002, I attended a Thanksgiving worship service in the lower court of the Kirtland Temple. As my

  • Faith and Religion During the Civil War

    Drew Gilpin Faust’s book, This Republic of Suffering, explores the changing views of death during the Civil War. One chapter titled “Believing

  • What Do Bibles Tell Us About Vermonters?

    We now have nine Bibles and a New Testament on display on the second floor of the Vermont History Center, ranging in date from 1698 to 1862 and in

  • Hindu Temples in the United States

    Hindu temples have marked sacred spaces for millennia in India. However, recent research documents over 200 of these structures within the United

  • Adaptive Reuse of Religious Buildings

    As congregations around the country shrink, disband, or move into more modern facilities, hundreds of church buildings are left vacant. These

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