Are You Ready to Remember the Ladies?

by Rebecca Price and Page Harrington on

Welcome! Since launching this year for Women’s History Month, we’ve been hard at work formalizing our structure and communications to the group, building a strong and dedicated advisory committee, and planning events for the 2015 Annual Meeting in Louisville.

Now it’s time to blog!

We’ve got a lot to share with everyone, and in our blog you’ll find:

  • Women’s history success stories…and the not so successful;
  • Fascinating subject-matter content;
  • How to tell women’s history, the right way;
  • Practical tips for dealing with common challenges; and
  • The latest news and events the group has planned.

So, join the group now, tell all your friends, and make a commitment to better women’s history in our field.

See you around!

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Co-Chairs Rebecca Price, President/CEO of Chick History Inc. and Page Harrington, Executive Director of Sewall-Belmont House and Museum


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