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  • “… or a building full of old stuff.”

    The blog below is the first of several postings by Gene Bering. I asked him to share his experiences working in a small rural museum. Small museums

  • Too Many Nonprofit Organizations?

    All nonprofits – whether they are food banks, hospitals, day care facilities, drug rehabilitation centers, museums, or historical societies

  • Accessibility and the Arts

    At the invitation of the Oklahoma Arts Council and the Mid-America Arts Alliance, I recently attended a workshop, “Accessibility in the

  • Does Clio Sit On Your Shoulder?

    Kids have a knack for asking legitimate questions. One of the most common is, “Why do we need to learn this history stuff?” Whenever I took

  • Eyes on the Prize

    Completing scholarship and grant applications can be stressful, but don’t let the process discourage you. Your reviewer isn’t some hooded

  • Small Museum Toolkit

    I’ve worked closely with AASLH’s Small Museum Committee since 2007. Since then, this dedicated group has launched an online newsletter,

  • Taking a New Point of View

    It is possible to provide new perspectives, and frankly, it may be the key to our survival. Don’t let bigger museums take all the credit for

  • AASLH’s Annual Conference: All in the Family

    There’s no better place to learn and share innovative strategies – to recharge your personal, professional and psychological batteries – than at

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