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  • When Things Aren’t in the Plan

    Long before I got into museum work, I was a big fan of plans.  Life plans, weekend plans, whatever—I was always the person who got everyone

  • Create a Social Media Quiz for Your Museum

    If you’re as addicted to Facebook as I am, you’re probably already familiar with social media quizzes. You know, the ones asking,

  • Widening the Circle

    The Laurel Historical Society has been exploring our museum’s role in the community. We began by asking ourselves, “How can our programs and

  • From Peru to Memphis: Successful Community Museum Projects

    Small museums dot the landscape of rural communities throughout the United States.  This summer, we had the opportunity to add a dot in the rural

  • A Small Museums Scholarship Recipient’s Story

    Hello everyone! I was so excited to receive a Small Museums Committee scholarship to attend my first AASLH conference! After I found out I had won,

  • Our Fifth AmeriCorps Team at the C.H. Nash Museum!

    The C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa is currently hosting the River Two AmeriCorps NCCC Team – our fifth team in the past 3 years.  Over that period

  • The Value of Small House Museums

    I just read an article about a controversy questioning the need to keep house museums open. That may not be exactly how the article phrased it,

  • The Birth of an Exhibit

    People just keep asking about Elmer, Elmer being Elmer McCurdy, an outlaw turned sideshow mummy. In March, producers from the T.V. show Mysteries at

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