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  • Come Experience the Power of Possibility! 2015 AASLH Annual Meeting Louisville, Kentucky September 16-19 Download the Preliminary Guide Register Now! Early Bird Rate Ends July 24! Nothing can replace the opportunities that arise when you intersect with people coming together around common goals and interests—in our case, good history and good times. Join us for […]

  • Small Museums Scholarship Application 2015 AASLH Annual Meeting and Online Conference Louisville, Kentucky DEADLINE: 12 June 2015 The American Association for State and Local History will hold its Annual Meeting and Online Conference in Louisville, Kentucky from 16-20 September 2015. This year’s theme – The Power of Possibility – examines the personal, communal, and organizational journeys […]

  • Although it’s been months since AASLH’s 2013 Annual Meeting in Birmingham–which was wonderful–I continue to think about the sessions and workshops I attended.  I was fortunate to join a full-day workshop called “Embracing Divergent Memories through Dialogue Design and Facilitation” led by Sarah Blannett Pharaon, Program Director at the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.  […]

  • Thanks to a Small Museums scholarship, I attended the AASLH annual conference in Birmingham, Alabama. While there, I learned new and valuable ideas about operating small historic sites and museums. At the Small Museum Luncheon, speaker Sally Roesch Wagner, from the Matilda Josyln Gage Foundation, reminded me why I love working at a small historic […]

  • I enjoyed attending the AASLH Annual Meeting in Birmingham this fall, and I’m grateful to the Small Museum Committee for the scholarship that made it possible for me to go there. As much as I participate in online conferences and programs, it doesn’t compare with seeing people in person. The outstanding variety of sessions made it […]

  • Can your museum afford institutional memberships with professional organizations? Or maybe you can only squeeze one into the budget? My museum’s membership with our regional museum association, NEMA, and my individual AASLH membership are our links with other museums. But every penny spent on them is worth it! When I arrive in the morning, I […]

  • Jazz improvisation begins with a melodic phrase, then it invites a response and builds on a theme. Sometimes pleasing, sometimes cacophonous, the result is rooted in the magic of call and response. Think of it as history in action.

  • Joining any respected professional organization is one task on many students’ checklists. Unfortunately, the “life cycle of membership” often involves applying for membership; paying your dues; mentioning this membership on your résumé to improve your job prospects; and receiving (and accidentally tossing out) a request for membership renewal fees. I no longer want to spend […]

  • One of the best sessions at a museum conference that I ever attended was at the 2010 AASLH Annual Meeting. The presenters were Erik Holland, James Hakala, and Mary Kay Cunningham, and the topic was Museum Education 101: Program Development and Presentation. What struck me about this session was how important it is to get […]

  • Staying Plugged In…

    February 6th, 2013

    It’s Electric! Connection…the very concept, elusive as it is, is the thread by which the museum field binds communities together. This is especially true for history museums/organizations, as it’s the stories we maintain and tell that weave the longer community narrative together. I see this connection extending beyond our jobs and our institutions. It links […]