The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) will present its 2015 annual meeting in Louisville, KY, from
September 16-20.

AASLH is now accepting proposals for sessions and workshops.

Louisville_02_Moberly Photography

2015 Annual Meeting Theme: The Power of Possibility

Just as Louisville’s growth and success spring from the barriers faced by Ohio River travelers at the Falls of the Ohio, the power of possibility allows the public history field to see opportunities instead of obstacles. Momentum is building once again! So, how do we demonstrate, encourage, and inspire the Power of Possibility within the realm of history organizations and far beyond?

We all know that history organizations continue to operate in a highly challenging environment. Those organizations that keep within the boundaries and simply repeat past procedures, programs, and operations continue to fall behind. Those who identify the spaces of possibility and adjust strategies make inroads to the future.

At our peril, we implement change by forcing the questions of either public programs or academic research, either contemplative or participatory experiences, content versus skills development, and either existing membership or new audiences. If we truly intend to survive and positively impact the future, we need to reject the exclusionary phrase “either/or” and move in the direction of “and.” We can be both creative and disciplined, consistent and fresh, informative and fun.

As they like to say in Louisville, “It’s possible here.” Join us as we find ways to blend what appear to be opposite extremes and we navigate boundaries and barriers, ultimately unlocking the Power of Possibility!

In the spirit of this theme, the Program Committee seeks proposals that:

  • Demonstrate innovative approaches to telling the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things
  • Illustrate activity that is unusual, innovative and creative—even if it didn’t work
  • Introduce provocative ideas for discussion
  • Encourage public involvement in our work, connecting history to everyday life
  • Reflect and feature diverse settings and people
  • Connect personal and community histories to larger themes
  • Promote organizational review and revitalization

Deadline for session proposals is November 17.

Learn more on submitting a session and how to submit online.