Do you find Power Points boring? Did the presenter put green text on an orange background? Too many photo dissolves? Are you looking for something wildly entertaining to do on the last night of the AASLH Conference?


Well, look no further, as for the first time, AASLH will present BATTLEDECKS, an inventive, interactive, and improvisational head-to-head competition between your friends and colleagues in the history profession. Ten contestants will present a four-minute presentation on ten Power Point slides they have never seen before.

Topics can range from the relevant and real, to the surreal and silly. Contestants are expected to weave their comments around the projected images, and a theme announced on the spot. You will be amazed by the composure and creativity of your colleagues. Winners will be selected by the audience. Final rules and regulations will be shared with contestants in early September.

Check out The Original Battledecks to pique your interest.

And of course, the 2012 American Library Association Battledecks Competition:

Ten contestants will take to the floor – one will emerge victorious! Who will take up the challenge?


AASLH Battledecks 2014

Where: Eagle Street Grille, 174 7th St W., St. Paul

When: Friday, September 19, 3014

Time: 9:00pm – ?


Please email Jeff Kollath ([email protected]) with questions and to register today!