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The Climate and Sustainability Community

The purpose of the Climate and Sustainability Committee is to survey current and needed practice to make recommendations to the AASLH Council on how to support and guide the field as it incorporates environmental sustainability and climate work, internally and externally, to reflect standards of responsible stewardship.

Climate and Sustainability Committee

The AASLH Climate and Sustainability Affinity Community is led by the following committee:

Andre L. Taylor, Chair
William & Mary
[email protected]

Sarah Sutton, Immediate Past Chair
Sustainable Museums
[email protected]

Lisa Anderson
Woodbury Art Museum, Utah Valley University
[email protected]

Austin Bell
Marco Island Historical Society
[email protected]

Andrew Bradford
Conner Prairie
[email protected]

Marian Carpenter
John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art/Florida State University
[email protected]

Jerry Foust
Dumbarton House
[email protected]

Vicky L. Kruckeberg
[email protected]

Douglas Worts
WorldViews Consulting
[email protected]

AASLH Staff Contact
John Dichtl, President and CEO
[email protected]

Climate and Sustainability Forum

Launching March 3, 2021!

Looking for a way to connect with Climate and Sustainability colleagues across the country? The Small Museums Affinity Community discussion forum is a place where history practitioners can ask questions, share advice, and stay up-to-date with their peers. Please click the “Join the Community” button above to be directed to the AASLH Community Center to get involved with the Climate and Sustainability Affinity Community or click here.

Climate and Sustainability Resources

AASLH Resources

AASLH has several resources valuable to those interested in climate sustainability. As the Climate and Sustainability Group grows, more resources will be added to this list.