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Localizing Difficult Histories
Want to broaden your impact with your communities? This session examines how programming and exhibitions related to slavery, nuclear weapons, the Holocaust, and even controversy itself have been used to successfully engage local communities with histories that extend far beyond their borders, yet may hit museum closer than they realize.

Yield to Oncoming Traffic: No Stopping Strollers and Small Feet
Many museums are developing programs to engage young children. Motivations for doing so and levels of success vary. Some museums are thoughtfully incorporating young audiences into a larger planning process. Others are responding to new needs and interests that have evolved. Panelists will share perspectives based on experiences. Participants will be encouraged to consider the direction of their own early childhood programming.

Bad Boards, Bad Boards, What’cha Gonna Do? Strategies for Fixing Poorly Functioning Museum Boards
Directors of small history museums will share their experience in making positive changes in poorly functioning boards with solutions that include team building, community involvement, and the difficult issue of removing a member from the board.

The Changing Web: The Future of the (History) Website
How are websites changing in the future? What should historic organizations be doing to ensure the broadest access and maximum engagement? From the rise of user-generated content to the explosion of mobile technology, we will ponder the changing landscape of the Internet.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Working with Private Collectors and Researchers
Private collectors and researchers visiting your museum often seem to be time-consuming and unwanted distractions. This session will present proven methods used by four veteran curators and one veteran collector for turning these visitors into an invaluable resource for collections work, exhibits, publishing, and advertising for your institution.

Beyond Numbers: What Does Success Look Like?
Success is often defined by attendance and the bottom line, but are these the best measures of performance? This session continues the conversation begun at the Kykuit Forum on the merits and pitfalls of metrics, identifying quantitative and qualitative measures of success, and the challenges of implementation, especially at small organizations.