The Floyd County Historical Society (AASLH member since 2009) has been awarded a grant by the Larry Woodrow Vest Fund of Foundation For Roanoke Valley to support its elementary education program for 6th graders from the Check, Floyd, Willis, and Indian Valley Elementary Schools.

Details were given in an article published this week in The Roanoke Times

The focus of the project is the history of early schools in the county.

Students will travel to the historical society museum to explore the 2016 exhibit on early schools, and visit the Double Springs one-room schoolhouse that has been rehabilitated….

In addition, a writing competition will provide an opportunity for the students to expand their literacy skills while reflecting on what it was like to be a student in the county a century ago. The students will be able to choose between writing about what they learned from interviewing someone who attended one of these schools, writing about an imagined “day in the life of an elementary student 100 years ago,” or describing what an early school looked like.

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