The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) announced that it will award $21.7 million in grants for more than 200 humanities projects and programs this summer. “NEH grants matter in the many communities we serve around the country –in preserving cultural heritage, supporting local cultural organizations, and helping teachers teach and students learn,” said Chairman William D. Adams. “Our grants also matter at the national level, where they preserve our history and acquaint people more deeply with our cultural and political traditions. In making the humanities accessible to all Americans, NEH serves the common good.” Twenty-three AASLH members were among the grant winners, and their total grants amount to over $4 million dollars. We congratulate them all on the hard work that led to these awards, and look forward to seeing the results of their endeavors.

Heard Museum (members since 2001)
Phoenix, AZ

Arizona State University (members since 1979)
Tempe, AZ

University of California, Los Angeles (members since 1988)
Los Angeles, CA

Ford’s Theatre Society (members since 2008)
Washington, D.C.

University of Georgia (members since 1994)
Athens, GA

Newberry Library (members since 1941)
Chicago, IL

Tulane University (members since 1979)
New Orleans, LA

Plimoth Plantation, Inc. (members since 1982)
Plymouth, MA

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (members since 1997)
Ann Arbor, MI

Rutgers University (members since 2016)
Newark, NJ

Fordham University (members since 2012)
Bronx, NY

Cornell University (members since 1979)
Ithaca, NY

Columbia University (members since 1994)
New York, NY

Museum of the City of New York (members since 2005)
New York, NY

Alice Austen House Museum (members since 2016)
Staten Island, NY

Syracuse University (members since 1979)
Syracuse, NY

Appalachian State University (members since 2016)
Boone, NC

East Carolina University (members since 2017)
Greenville, North Carolina

Bowling Green State University (members since 1987)
Bowling Green, OH

Ohio Historical Society (members since 1941)
Columbus, OH

University of Texas, Austin (members since 2007)
Austin, TX

St. Croix Landmarks Society, Inc. (members since 1997)
Frederiksted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands

George Mason University (members since 2003)
Fairfax, VA