As AASLH gathered in Salt Lake City earlier this month for the Annual Meeting, the Small Museum Committee was pleased to host a luncheon for those working in small museums across the country.  Always an excellent opportunity to meet, mingle, and swap stories, the luncheon attendees were asked to share their Recipes for Success in small museums.  At the end of the event we received numerous cards with recipes that ranged from the practical to the inspirational.  Here are a few to get you cooking:

Pipe Dream Success Salsa

  • 1 part logical partners
  • 1 part illogical partners
  • 1 part community trust
  • 3 parts resources (money, time, people)
  • 1 part opportunity to engage folks
  • dash of passion
  • Season with memorable experiences and serve liberally

Media Success Stew

  • Never pass up an opportunity to promote your site
  • Always send pictures to the newspaper
  • Make social media your friend
  • Remind the world that your site is doing great things

Small Museum Director Soup

  • 1 part Wisdom of Solomon
  • 1 part Patience of Job
  • 1 part superhuman strength & winning personality
  • 1 part utmost integrity
  • Complete knowledge of all museum specialties
  • Simmer until just below boiling point

Networking Noodles

  • Meet as many people in the field as you can
  • Build networks to call upon for assistance, ideas, and encouragement
  • Always lend a helping hand, even when time is short – you will receive it in return

Do you have a Recipe for Success that you’d like to share?  Let everyone know in the comments section.