We can’t say thank you enough to volunteers who so diligently staff school programs throughout the year.  Without their help, many institutions would have to drastically cut back, if not eliminate entirely, their offerings.  Museum Teachers are truly a special breed and they deserve special recognition for their dedication, energy, and flexibility (to say the least!).

Here are a few suggestions for special ways to show your appreciation:

  1. Hold an end-of-the-year luncheon or pot luck.  Aside from formally saying thank you, use the meeting as an opportunity to share feedback from classroom teachers and students, talk more about what is and isn’t working with specific programs, and discuss future plans.  Frank discussion at a gathering like this can also help identify areas where more training might be needed. 
  2. Share special stories or thank you letters.  At the end of every school year, put together a simple PowerPoint or video noting some highlights from children’s correspondence, evaluations, or Museum Teachers.
  3. Tell your constituents about the good work that was done. Write something illustrated with great images for your internal or external newsletter.
  4. Write a press release and pitch a story to a local paper.  While acknowledging the work done by volunteers, a newspaper article can also be a great way to recruit others in the community who have a passion for working with children.  And by all means, make sure the volunteers get a copy!
  5. Tap into social media.  Say thank you to volunteers via your institution’s Facebook page and include great photos of teachers in action.  Tweet fun facts about teachers and school programs that will grab people’s attention.

We know there are more ideas out there!  Do you do something special to recognize your Museums Teachers?  Please share.