Visitors Count! is accepting organizations for summer/fall gate visitor surveying until June 14. For the upcoming teacher survey, the deadline to sign up is August 15.

Visitors Count! is AASLH’s visitor research program for history organizations. Too often, institutions simply assume they know what their visitors want and need for a high quality visit and what will bring them back. Visitors Count! helps medium to large institutions collect accurate, actionable data that can be used in all areas of operations.

The Visitors Count! fee is $3,750 for AASLH member institutions, payable in two installments. Read more about the fee here.

Here’s how institutions located across the country have used their Visitors Count! data:

1. Create more meaningful stories and programs

2. Include visitors’ perspectives in strategic planning

3. Refine marketing and membership messaging

4. Inform re-branding efforts

5. Streamline evaluation efforts

6. Include visitors’ perspectives in interpretation and exhibition planning

7. Support funding requests and grant proposals

8. Provide valuable benchmarking data to parent agency and others

9. Include teachers’ perspective in educational program planning

10. Educate staff, volunteers and board members about what matters most to their visitors

11. Better understand their mission based on visitors’ perspectives

12. Demonstrate their institutional value for community to parent agencies and others

13. Satisfy the AAM accreditation program’s request for visitor data

14. Create a visitor demographic matrix

Check out the client list here. Visitors Count! helps you collect data and feedback from the people who matter most―your visitors.

Reserve your spot for either the summer/fall visitor survey group or the 2017-18 teacher survey group by contacting Cherie Cook at 573-893-5164 or [email protected].