AASLH is proud to announce that our new website—the Home for History—is launching this month. The Home for History is an exciting and innovative way for history professionals to engage and learn about the field.

In addition to finding traditional information about the services and programs AASLH offers, the Home for History website offers fresh content from the field, serves as a valuable source for resources and tools, and creates an online place for history professionals to engage and network.

New Website

View Award Winner profiles, search historic sites that AASLH members can visit for free, catch up on the latest News and Views from the field. These are just some of the new things you can do on the Home for History website.

The Home for History also includes the StEPs Clearinghouse! The clearinghouse is an answer to the call for an online site to help history organizations find high-quality resources, training opportunities and other tools. Whether you are looking for sample bylaws or social media policies, the latest thoughts about storytelling in exhibitions, or tips for recruiting volunteers the StEPs Clearinghouse has the help you need. The Clearinghouse was made possible by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

The Home for History was created with you in mind. There are new features for members, such as Member Deals, and ways for AASLH members to Share News about themselves or their institutions. Over the next several months we will be highlighting some of these new features, so be on the lookout. But for now, start browsing and start engaging!

The address is the same, but it’s a brand new home!

Ps. If you still see the old website, just refresh your browser.